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Anime News Network Hacked

The anime news site has lost control of its original domain.

Anime review and community discussion site, Anime News Network, has suffered a devastating attack resulting in a lost of their original domain, a compromise of their email address, and a momentary loss of control of their twitter account.

While the details are not fully released, the damage has been made clear with the site reporting that the hack was so bad they had to abandon the domain. Currently the original domain appears like this:


Moving clouds, ominous moans, and chants are what is left of the friendly hub for many anime fans. They do ensure that their users were safe as their servers were not breached.

Anime News Network

While the reason for the attack is not known to the public at large, many are going the route of blaming a unfavorable review of a anime the hacker enjoyed (which if is true, is one of the greatest over reactions ever).

— At the time this article was posted, they have gotten back control of their twitter but loss their followers. Please support them if you have in the past and go follow their Twitter.

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