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Sweet Girlfriends Coloring Book: A Beautiful Book Devoted to Girls Loving Girls

Impressive line work is used to highlight female relationships in this unique book by illustrator Karen Kaye Llamas

There are times we come across items filled with so much tender sentiment and that is just so cute it makes us go aw at the turn of every page, and we instantly love it. In this case we have the wonderful Sweet Girlfriends Coloring Book by Karen Kay Llamas.


Devoted to showing the lovely and tender moments between female couples, this 32 page coloring book is a cute buy.


Impressive line work shows women of diverse appearances, body sizes, ethncities, and relationship dynamics. The book is a kind and a visible show of both skill and love by Llamas. A detail even more evident by the fact that each page is left blank on the other side to prevent marker bleed through (a detail many a coloring book annoyingly doesn’t do). It might be a weird thing to some, to praise so much the fact that there is a variation of couples and girls present in this book’s art, but it is such a rare thing for a illustrator to care. I want to thank Llamas for her beautiful book. The book is available physically from Amazon currently for $7.99, or if a PDF is more your style, you can snag it over at Llamas’ Etsy store for $4.44¬†as well as her other books.

And if you enjoy her work and would like to support her, check out her site


All art included created by Karen Kaye Llamas

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