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My Time At Portia: World Exploration Beautifully Done

A dynamic world awaits players

I am a fan of the Rune Factory and Harvest Moon (now known as Story of Seasons) franchises. Sadly Rune Factory has found its continuation questioned as developer Neverland Co. filed for bankruptcy. It left a bit of hole as the game was a great combo of Dungeon exploration, farming, and life sim. That is why indie game My Time At Portia (PC) by Pathea Games is a perfect homage to the games that came before it… and so much better!


Taking place in a post apocalyptic world where civilization’s reach has been reduced and humans have grown rare, you play a customizable new comer to the town of Portia. You are given your fathers workshop and tasked with making it as large as possible. That is done with resource gathering, dungeon exploration, monster slaying, and the discovery of ancient old world relics. While the game lacks farming at the moment, they have promised that down the line farming will be implemented.




And I will say that the exploration in this game is THE BEST! The exploration is why I feel this game is so great. A vast open world filled with many biomes, a huge bit of the fun is gathering material and bringing them back to a town filled with fun and dynamic characters. Like most games of this genre, you can build your relationships with npcs, including romantic ones. The npcs will do daily tasks and have quaint and real moments for themselves.


While the game is still in early development, the creators have put a lot of love and time into the gorgeous world they made. It is available for free for PC’s from Pathea Games or from Follow the devs updates on how they continue to improve this already impressive game.




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