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Square Enix Wants To Recruit New Developer Talent For The FFVII Remake

Maybe there is hope for a quicker release with new staff on board

Following the news that the Final Fantasy VII remake would be coming out sometime around 2020 (alongside Kingdom Hearts III), Square Enix higher ups have released a open call on their Japanese corporate page. They are looking for outside developer talent to join them in creating the much awaited remake. Even series director Tetsuya Nomura has released a statement.

I think that those who think that “FFVII” is a special work are many like our developers.

Twenty years have elapsed since the original and generations who do not know “FFVII” are also increasing, we have to remake them with the current technology and system, and make it work that will last several decades.

To reproduce the world of “FFVII” in Hidef you need a tremendously tremendous amount of time, but we need more manpower to shorten it.

Industry officials know that the absolute number of domestic development staff is insufficient for the number of overseas Hidefu development systems, but in this project as well, in order to further strengthen the development capacity, secure a large number of personnel Is an urgent task.

Let’s bring “FFVII” together again to the world.
-Tetsuya Nomura 

Marking it as a attempt to increase the manpower for the creation of the remake, this might give hope to gamers dreading the wait for the new game. 

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