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Winter Anime: Masamune-kun’s Revenge

A revenge romcom?!

With the coming of the new year comes a plethora of new anime! As a child Masamune Makabe was rather portly, due to this he was dubbed “Piggy” by a beautiful rich girl named Aki Adagaki. Wanting to gain revenge against the person who slighted him Masamune dedicated himself to working out. Several years later he enters high school incredibly handsome if not narcissistic. Coincidentally he meets Aki once again and plans his vengeance.

With the help of Aki’s maid, Masamune slowly builds a relationship with Aki with the hopes of breaking her heart at the end of it. With the more time that passes though, the more he slowly questions his objectives.

Having read the manga beforehand I can say that if you pick up Masamune-kun’s Revenge there is a lot to look forward to!

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