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Do You Remember? Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer

Let's just make light of a Grandmother being trampled cause it's a kid movie!

‚ÄčTake a weird Christmas song that is for some reason catchy, turn it into a confusing and awkward children’s Christmas movie, and you would have Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer.

Based on a song of the same title by Elmo & Patsy (and narrated by Elmo Shropshire too). Grandma got run over by a reindeer has its entire plot told in the title.
Following the narration of a old man who tells a story of when he was a boy, it is his journey to prove to the world that Santa is real….

And also that Santa ran over his grandma and took her back to the north pole to nurse her back to health (aka kidnapped his grandmother)… Did I mention this was weird?

“Oh no! I ran over this woman! I should take her to a hospital but hospitals are for people who don’t have magic elves and reindeer”

The boy who is named Jake, has to rush to find his grandma before his greedy cousin Mel  sells his family buisness to the large Corporation buying all the companies in their city. Normally grandma’s home made fruit cakes make enough money for their store profitable, but without her nothing can be done.
So the hunt is on to find santa and thus find grandma before it’s too late to stop Mel from selling the store to Mr. Big and his uncaring robot Santa.

I would make a sex in the city joke but that would be me acknowledging I know the show well enough to do that

Oh its also a musical and all the songs are kinda  meh…
They end up being kind of catchy but not memorable. It’s something that if someone were to mention by name, it wouldn’t register but if they were to sing, you would be able to remember the pain and boredom it caused you.

So is it worth it to watch?
Yes. Yes it is. It is so bizzare and dumb and catchy and annoying and nonsensical that you and your friends should watch it every holiday season.

Also not sure if the movie purposefully or accidentally refreshes Fargo a bunch…

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