Izetta the Last Witch: For Queen and Country

Just what would you do for your someone dear to you? Izetta the Last Witch has an answer: Go to war. Izetta the Last Witch is the story of Princess Fione and her friend Izetta as they try to keep the princess’ country from falling into enemy hands.

In this world witches are known to bring disaster, all but the White Witch are feared and for good reason. Using just a sniper rifle as a broom Izetta was able to take down three fighter planes in an aerial dogfight only in the first episode.

Everything is well animated,  the fight scenes are fast paced and exciting. The story is actually well done so far. The sense of urgency the Princess has to protect her country and people and the love her people have of her are done through some quality voice work.

I would recommend Izetta for a stellar story and some top quality feels.


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