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Keijo!!!!!!!! Butt n’ Bust Battling!

With the abundance of sports anime this season there was one bound to blow the others out of the water (literally). Keijo!!!!!!!! is set in a world where the sport of Keijo (go figure) is popular, athletes from all over the world gather to each other using their butts and busts as weapons. Floating on a small platform in a pool, each contestant vies to be the last one standing.

There is in fact a school that aspiring participants can go to, to improve themselves before they go pro. Our story takes place here as it follows four students as they fight battle their way into the top slot.

Keijo!!!!!!!! is a fun watch, the plot is pretty solid, the characters are quirky and lovable.  The animation is fast and action pack and you can really feel the impact as they crash posteriors. If that doesn’t cinched it “Vacuum Butt Cannon”, that is all.

Seriously though  give Keijo!!!!!!!! a watch, it’s certainly entertaining enough to kill some time.

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