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Horror Manga of the Week: Doubt

Also known as Rabbit Doubt, this horror manga follows a group of people playing through a real life game of mafia. Having been abducted off the streets and thrown into an abandoned building with a killer on the loose.

For those of us who haven’t heard or played mafia, the rules are simple: A group is split into two factions (the manga uses rabbits and wolves for this) the wolves have to “eat” all the rabbits without getting caught, while the rabbits must try and figure out who the wolf is while staying alive.

Suspenseful and filled with twists and turns all over the place, Doubt will surely keep you on your toes!

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Justin Seva is a writer, producer, and voice for Nerdier Tides. When he isn't providing content for the site or catching up on gaming news he spends his time reading manga while listening to music of the anime persuasion.

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