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Horror Manga of the Week: Ibitsu

Taking out the trash has never been this terrifying.

Ibitsu is a psychological horror manga by Kazuto Okada, that follows the main character Kazuki. Kazuki lives a pretty normal life up until he finds himself living an urban legend. The legend goes that a girl dressed in gothic lolita will appear and ask a question but regardless of how you answer she will do anything to be your little sister and we mean anything! The 2 volume manga is sets the mood well, playing off the first interactions between the two as just some girl who likes to sit in the trash, to full on yandere.

The art is spot on, showing just how creepy and messy the whole situation is from the get go . The big reveal concerning our urban legend’s identity brings a whole new level of twisted to the story as she takes over our protagonist’s life. Ibitsu is well written, setting a decent pace and atmosphere that almost bleeds through the pages. There is nothing this manga glosses over when it comes to its gory nature, giving some horror lovers something to think about when they put out the trash at night.

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