Horror Anime of the Week: PUPA

We start off our Month of horror anime and manga with the ever so gory Pupa this twelve episode anime adaptation (from the manga of the same name) follows the Hasegawa siblings as they become infected by a virus that turns people into monsters, known as Pupa. Yume Hasegawa succumbs to this deadly disease, but manages to revert back to being a human while her brother (Utsutsu) gains regenerative powers. Those under the Pupa virus gain an insatiable urge to eat other living things, mostly humans. To live a “normal” life Utsutsu must now use himself to keep his sister’s appetite in check, all the while trying to hide the fact they’re infected from the world.

Pupa doesn’t try to hide the incestuous undertones that some anime/manga dance around in fact, it’s more of a darker look into what someone would do to protect a sibling compared to the light banter that comes with a typical romance anime/manga.

That being said, aside from the mess that shown in show the anime adaptation is “eh” at best, each episode running for roughly five minutes each. It doesn’t really give much to the viewers in terms of plot and the atmosphere is totally thrown off by the short run times. If anything, you should definitely give PUPA a read, the anime not so much.

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