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Panty Vigilante – A Web Comic About A Panty Powered Super Hero

Powered by space panties, Kate will save the day!

It’s not often anymore that I come across a Web comic that I find the need to sing the praises of, but Panty Vigilante by Erica Batton is something just too fun. – Erica Batton

Following college drop out and down on her luck Kate Andry, who by chance encounters a pair of panties crashing down to earth. Coming into contact with them, Kate gains the power of Giga Panty Transformation. – Erica Batton – Erica Batton

While falling into the Category of Magic Girl super hero, Panty Vigilante feels like more. It’s a story any 20 something year old forced to work a frustrating retail job can relate to. Much of the story’s lead in is showing a familar tale of skill vs life but with the very much likeable character Kate. We all have been or known Kate during the course of our life. – Erica Batton

And that’s what I think is the heart of the story and the strength of its appeal as well as Erica Batton’s writing.
While Panty Vigilante is still catching it’s footing as it currently enters it’s fourth chapter, please stay tuned cause it’s going to be a fun ride! – Erica Batton

Katy and the other characters are endearing. I just can not wait to see more. You can tell even now that growth will come to this character and the world she inhabits.

So check the comic out here:

Like it’s Facebook page:Panty Vigilante page

And follow the creator, Erica Batton on twitter: @erica_prime

Do trust this is not the last time you hear us talk about the love we have for Panty Vigilante!


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