What Ever Happened To The “Rat Queens” Tv Adaption?

In 2014 it was announced that the ruckus and profanity of Kurtis J. Wiebe’s Rat Queens fantasy comic book would be coming to the moving screen. A animated series made by Weta Workshop’s Pukeko Pictures and media company Heavy Metal, it was being released in a world that has fully rediscovered a love of Dungeons and Dragons, as well as strong female characters.

A rockabilly mage, a hipster warrior, a atheist lovecraftian cleric, and a halfling hippie thief…

This team was fun, unique, and felt at times like you were looking at the recount of a D&D group’s adventure. This group was rude, crude and calling them chaos prone is a understatement. After some fun character and story arcs the series wrapped up its publication in April 2016, with a continuation to come via upcoming Webcomics. 

So my question is where is the show? 

There has been no information on its release or development since it was originally announced. With the lack of information it isn’t even right to say it’s stuck in development hell but let’s make sure that this promising tv show is not forgotten. And I could even see this series working as a movie! So please someone, get to work! Talk to the fans! And long live the Rat Queens!

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