New VR Dating Sim Will Decide The Perfect Woman Based Off Your Brainwaves

VR gaming has truly entered a new realm as the creators of Brainwave Love Checker get ready to debut their game at this year’s Tokyo Game Show

Having players put on a VR set equipped with brainwave sensors, they are presented with several women. The game then picks which one you desire the most by monitoring your brain wave responses to each one. After using your mental patterns to pick the perfect girl you are then set up on a virtual date with your girl and offers a branching story.

This is all done by catagorizing the emotional spectrum to algorithms via the research done by Keio University Associate Professor, Michikura Yasue.

Response to the game has been positive, with many saying it might give a chance for growth in the players.

Expect more information following this year’s Tokyo Game Show at the Dentsu Science Booth.

Source – itmedia 

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