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Cute And Brutal Murder Game; “Idol  Death Game TV” Gets First Trailer

Locked in a mansion, which idol will survive?

Upcoming idol murder game, Idol Death Game TV, has released its first trailer as well as delightful songs from it’s cast of endangered idol stars.

Introducing the seven idols of a idol group Project 47, they will be competing in a game of death where only one can survive. The contrast of the usually cutesy and charming idol culture and the threat of girls boiling alive or being dismembered make for an intriguing plot. 

And the songs released by D3 Publisher and game developer Witchcraft have made some fans excited as they show off the idols vocal talents.

The rest of the available songs can be found here.
Idol Death Game Tv will be released in Japan October 20th for the PS Vita with no word if a western release will happen but given the popularity of series like Danganronpa worldwide, it is likely.

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