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ToeJam & Earl Are Back With A New Game

The two are back with a new game thanks to Adult Swim

Media giant Adult Swim has struck at the core of old school gamers with the announcement that they would be bringing back the funky duo of ToeJam & Earl.

ToeJam and Earl: Back In The Grove will have the pair of weirdo aliens returning to Earth, 14 years since their last installment in 2002.

Yo! Check it out… ToeJam and Earl are back on Earth once again, getting funky and running from those crazy Earthlings. Deja vu! (deja vu!) Here’s the basics… TJ decides it’s a good idea to “borrow” the Rapmaster Rocketship from Lamont (no point waking him up, right?), so he and Big E. can take Latisha and Lewanda out for a joyride. While they’re in orbit around Earth, maybe showing off just a little, TJ tells Earl to crank the bass on the speakers and “Press the RED button!” Unfortunately, that’s the button that says: “Black Hole – Do Not Press!!” (Doh!) You can pretty much guess the rest, TJ and Earl once again find themselves searching for the pieces of their Rocketship, collecting power-up presents left lying around by Santa, and dealing with the less-than-rational human beings.

-Adult Swim

Coming to PC and consoles in 2017, the return of these two feels right in an era filled with 80’s and early 90’s nostalgia. Stay tuned while we await it’s release.


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