Do You Remember? Oban Star Racers

A fast paced story with unique characters awaited those who wanted to see the ultimate prize's winner

Okay so most of the show’s we talk about in this series of articles have been weird, but this one’s strangeness comes from its team of creators and it’s conception.

Created by a French and Japanese team and largely distrusted by Disney through their former Jetix brand, Oban Star Racers was a unique ride all the way through.

The plot is that in the future, following a devasting  alien invasion humans nearly lost, Star Racing has become one of Earth’s major sports. Through star racing, the planet earth has managed to compete with a few friendly plaents. But… that all changes when it is revealed the only reason the earth survived the original invasion was because of the help of a immensely powerful being called the Avatar. 

This one, not the one you might be thinking off…

In order to pay their debt back and have the chance to win something called “the ultimate prize”, Earth’s government sends race manager Don Wei and a racing team with earth’s best racer, best military gunner, most skilled mechanics and the fastest ships developed by man, to join in on a race called “the great race”.
Oh and Don Wei’s newly hired on young mechanic, Molly snears along. Or should I say Eva, his estranged daughter in disguise.

Yeah that’s a whole thing better left to to understand through watching the show, but a quick recap of their weird relationship is that Don Wei sent Eva to a boarding school 10 years before the story begins. He did this following the death of his wife during a race. It has given him a weird mix of concern and dislike towards female pilots, making it difficult for him to accept Molly (Eva) as the racer for the earth team following the original team racer being unable to race.

It becomes a high stake and fast paced show full of intrigue and heart pounding races as the Earth team learns more and more that there is more to the race and ultimate prize than they were originally told.

Filling up the roster of rival racers are a cast of fun and memorable aliens. That is a fault of the show as it feels like we are missing some of the narrative in regards to most of the non earth time cast.
Though that won’t stop you from loving them. My favorite being the strong armed racer Rush and the playfull tv headed cat girl Para-Dice. Para-Dice flies her arcade machine of a ship by playing what can only be called alien Dance Dance Revolution inside. All the alien ships will have you trying to get a peak inside, their unique control scheme and pilots is a beautiful example of character design. 

So then should you find it? Oban Star Racers made for one fun ride. Only 1 season long, but it works for the story they are trying to tell. Every episode has for fun moments but include the understanding that Molly is given of the universe. A girl left a lone for 10 years she is imparted with the lessons of growth, forgiveness, a kindness. Watch Oban Star Racers, and as the opening song says; NEVER SAY NEVER!

We will talk to you next time we ask “Do You Remember?

2 comments on “Do You Remember? Oban Star Racers

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  2. New season coming.My favourite anime


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