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You Should Watch… – Dead Gentlemen & Zombie Orpheus

Creators fueled by a passion for role play and its community.

With table top gaming spreading to the homes, game shops, and comic stores of nerds everywhere, good media based on the lifestyle nd stories are hard to find. A good narrative, fun yet engaging characters, and being easily accessible is a good mix when you hunt for a great fantasy show and these are things that the creation teams at Dead Gentlemen & Zombie Orpheus stand strong with.


Now before we really start, know that Dead Gentlemen are a fan favorite when it comes to a lot of old school Dungeons and dragons players. Their movie, “the Gamers“, was a good and fun way to show what D&D games could play like and some of the players you would have show up in your average setting. In my local game store it was kind of a test.

Someone new wanted to join a session? Play the movie and see if they laugh. If they did they could play, if they didn’t…

“Sorry, we are kinda full…” is what my Dungeon Master would say. The gamers became such a table top stable, that it saw many a replay at conventions and gatherings. it was the foundation from which the Dead Gentlemen would build if you ask most fans.

A sequel was wanted (especially since it kinda ends on a comedic cliff hanger) and the Dead Gentlemen promised to deliver. That is where Zombie Orpheus Entertainment shows up. A group of actors and fans of pop culture, they worked together with Dead Gentlemen to create The Gamers: Dorkness Rises.


The Gamers 2 was an instant classic. Hilarious moments, interesting and relatable character relationships that can be translated into any group of friends. The joker, the rule lawyer, the punching bag, the new comer. It all fits.

Together the two production companies would create several projects but always include each others writers and actors. To this day you can’t watch either without keeping an eye out for a cameo or two.


Personally the purple ninja is my favorite.

The two companies have released many a movie and series that any gamer/ table top player worth their merit should at least check out.

They include:

Journey Quest– A fantasy adventure featuring the classic and most beloved set up of the blundering misfit team.


The Gamers Movie Trilogy – No matter what you choose to from this list to watch, make sure you watch The Gamers… ALL OF THE MOVIES!

maxresdefault (2).jpg

Demon Hunters _ Demon hunters who are the bottom of the barrel in their organization still manages to defeat the mega demons. Barely.

Humans And Households – Fantasy characters decide to play a table top RPG set in our world. Hilarity ensues.

maxresdefault (1)

The upcoming Gamer Series – It takes the established narrative of The Gamers franchise and turns it into a fun constant series.

Standard Action – We all know the way each class is supposed to be built-n your RPG party… Standard Action says nevermind all that and gives you an elven Barbarian that can barely read and a druid that hates nature are just two of the examples.


And that isn’t including the comic and table top RPG they made.

All of these have heart and hard work behind them and all of them are completely fan supported, no official corporate sponsors. That’s right these companies are for the fan by the fan, so everything they do is for those that watch and support them.

So give each of them a sub and follow them both out (Zombie Orpheus & Dead Gentlemen) to be updated on the works they are delivering.

We will see you the next we meet to talk about what you should be watching!


3 comments on “You Should Watch… – Dead Gentlemen & Zombie Orpheus

  1. donearly

    Technically ZOE didn’t exist until after Dorkness Rising (Gamers 2) but who’s counting? 😛 Thanks SO much for the great write up! You guys rock!

    Liked by 1 person

    • You guys are so awesome! Lol and sorry for the goof up on ZOEs creation, crafting a cinematic time line was a bit rough lol


  2. A.M. Pietroschek

    Dorkness Rising certainly was worth watching, and we all need to know a lactomancer gone heroic, too. 😉


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