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Stories for Fun – 3 Quick Tips to Start Fiction Writing

We get some nice pointers to help start creatively writing!

Some may think that writing it difficult and is best left to the professionals who either get paid for it, or became famous from writing. Writing can be done by anybody, whether they’re just a six year old kid in first grade, or a sixty year old woman waiting for her grandchild to visit for the holidays.


You want to try writing, but you don’t know how to get started. It’s really simple. Here’s a quick list of things that can help anybody begin their journey into fiction writing.

First: Know what you want to write

The last few days, you had a lot on your mind about what would make a great story. You have a sci-fi fantasy, a middle age action, and even a romantic comedy floating around as thoughts. Before you can try and juggle multiple works, take the time to focus on just one idea. Know what kind of characters you want to have in it, where the story is going to take place, what exactly is going to happen, etc. If you’re not too sure about everything, go in depth about one thing you have an idea about and the rest will slowly come to mind.

Second: Carry some kind of notepad with you

A great habit to pick up is always having something you scribble your ideas on when you’re out and about. Whether it’s just a small pocket sized notepad, a normal composition notebook, or even a folded piece of paper, it’s good to quickly write down ideas when you’re busy. You can have an idea that you’d love to write about, but won’t be able to get it all down that moment, or even that day. The more you write on that piece of paper to help you remember, the faster you’ll know exactly what you want to write.

Third: Make your own style

A way to make fiction writing more enjoyable is to find a style that suit how you like to write. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like reading a 300 page novel, use that as a base; focus on trying to write a 20 page story that gets right to the point of the entire story. Even try to mix things up. If you’re somebody who likes riddles, have the characters in the story speak using only riddles. There’s no one set way to write a story, so feel free to make up your own way to write.

Your stories can hone your writing

Writing isn’t something that you need to be certified in to do. All you really need is something to write with, some paper, or even a computer if you’d rather type your stories. The best thing about writing is anybody can shape and mold their writing into something they’d like instead of being forced to write one set way; get tired of writing one way, you can experiment with another. There’s no limits.

Paint your worlds with your writing

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