Jem and the Holograms New Film Failing Outrageously, Director Gets Death Threats

Fans taking the new film harshly are lashing out at the film's director.


The new Jem and the Holograms film is failing fast in theaters and the director, Jon M. Chu, is receiving death threats from die hard fans of the series.

Being toted as a film’s attempts to relate to the YouTube and social media era, the film abandoned the hallmarks and created a film that was made to try and be modern and falls so far away from it. In what could have been a true return to the epic “truly 80’s” series, it fails tremendously. With a budget of over $120 million and only scored a return of a little over $1 million dollars so far, the director notes that the reviews haven’t been kind and the fan reaction is far from it:

“I get fans sending me hate mail, I get death threats, I get racist remarks — it’s a really fun business,” he said. “Reviewers have been harsh, to say it lightly.”

It was all a part of a speech Mr. Chu gave at the Film Independent Forum, discussing how the film’s release went.

Here is the rest of the speech below.

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