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Anime NYC 2022 – Sleepi

Stylish and comfy!

Stylish, comfy, and unique, that’s how I would describe the apparel and accessories of Sleepi!

Co-created by Dave Yang & Jean Marie (aka as OhMyJeanMarie), Sleepi is inspired by anime but goes beyond the simple placement of a recognizable anime character on a shirt. A blend of fun, eye-catching styles with a relatable yet distinct anime aesthetic, Sleepi will have you stand out while staying snug. The brand offers a wide range of clothing that includes outerwear, shirts, hats, and masks, letting its pieces become a part of your everyday.

Their accessories include pins and stickers that are adorable and a whole mood!

Stylish streamer-wear for your everyday, head over to the official site to see all their available pieces! While there, check out their VSHOJO X SLEEPI Collection!

Sleepi @ Anime NYC 2022

Anime NYC 2022

Stay tuned to their Instagram for updates and to see what convention they will be appearing at next! And follow OhMyJeanMarie on Instagram to see her latest cosplay adventures!

Anime NYC 2022 may be over, but stay tuned as we share all the cool booths, cosplays, and more! And save the date, Anime NYC 2023 is set for November 17-19!

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  1. Actually, OhMyJeanMarie is also a co-owner!

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