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Gotham High: The Canceled Batman Animated Series

There was once a planned animated series that had the world of Batman and his villains, taking place in a high school.

Many interesting projects startup and end up lost in the sea of development hello or are just turned down altogether. One project has been to lost to time and I always delight in bringing up:

An animated Batman series called Gotham High.

Jeffrey Thomas, DC Comics

Starring teenage Bruce Wayne and Barbara Gordon as they attend the public high school, Gotham City High alongside similar aged versions of Batman villains. Sparked by a bit of concept art done by Jeffrey Thomas depicting teenage Joker and Harley Quinn, he would give it to DC who liked it.

Jeffrey Thomas, DC Comics

Thomas was set to create and run the show with Celeste Green, it had the idea that each character could be used to fill a trope.

Jeffrey Thomas, DC Comics

Matt Hagen (Clayface) – The art kid, Harvey Dent (Twoface) – The class president, Oswald Cobblepot – The dorky kid, Waylon “Croc” Jones – Star football player, Edward Nygma – The nerd, Barbara Gordon (Batgirl)- The girl next door, Bruce Wayne (Batman) – The rich kid who all the girls liked, Jonathan Crane (Scarecrow) – The punk, Selina Kyle (Catwoman) – The goth, The Joker – The class clown, Harley Quinn – Love-sick girlfriend, Pamela Isley (Poison Ivy) – The popular girl, Bane – The wrestling team star, Victor Fries (Mr. Freeze).

Not pictured: Kirk Langstrom (Man-bat) – The teacher

No information was ever given on the nature of their interactions. If we would see a fully suited Bruce Wayne, taking on the villains of Gotham based out of his own school or something all new.

Jeffrey Thomas, DC Comics
Jeffrey Thomas, DC Comics

The show was canceled mid-production, no reason given. With only a few scraps of information released as well as some promo art. It is interesting to see where this show would have been received by the fans.

Maybe one day we will see this world in animated or comic form.

We can only hope.

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